Monday, November 12, 2012

The words of Jidu Krishnamurti

Jidu Krishnamurti  Is extremely inspiring! His knowledge about thought, religion and life is like no
one I have ever heard! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

religious division and human existence

In the year 2012 in the year of our lord?  I think we have gone just about far enough. This religious division is not getting us anywhere. It is obviously creating more problems then solutions. First I would like to say I grew up in a MORMON household for a few years.  My grandparents were extremely loving and caring and I could not have ask for more loving grandparents in my life. But it was not thier religion that made them this way. It was the close bond they had to human existence and how they felt about others around them and each other. The MORMONS are very supportive of one another. That's great but what happens if you ask a Catholic to go to a Mormon chuch? Or a Muslim to go to a Lutheran church? Belief systems based on stories and and myth is absolutely dangerous. Maybe there is a little good in organized religion for someone who is totally lost. but before you know it, they will want your money.
None of us can really theorize why we are all here.  The thought you use to try to justify that your religion is right has already wasted time that you could use really doing something in your daily life. I say live in the moment and be good to others around you. Love can come from just a bond with the elements of the earth sun and moon, water, trees, birds, flowers, cats, dogs, lasagna, ice cream, your neighbor, your local bar and a glass of wine!